Sign into Deskera with existing Google/Yahoo IDs

Its a lot easier to sign into Deskera now. You can now link your Deskera Account with an existing Google or Yahoo ID. This could be used to sign in to Deskera Applications.

As with all Deskera features, it is done in 3 or less clicks.

Here is how you can do it:

Go to the Deskera Apps Sign in Page & click on the existing service to be linked

Provide third party approval

Link the service ID with Deskera Account ID

With this new feature, the access to Deskera Apps is quicker and takes away the need to remember a separate set of login/ password information.

And oh — did we mention that now you can use the Facebook Like button directly from the sign-on page to share stuff about Deskera with your network.

Let us know your feedback on this new feature. Visit Deskera to know more about us.

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