Service Oriented Architecture for Better Business Agility

agile business Jul 31, 2009

The enterprise information architecture consists of bundles of applications operating on heterogeneous platforms. There has been a rapid rise in the development of innovative point solutions for every unique business need.The flip side or challenge, as we like to put it, is figuring out how these applications will talk to each other and, most importantly, operate within the existing IT infrastructure.

Every time a new challenge is faced, business users need an immediate solution. IT system owners then spend a substantial amount of time and resources to scout for applications that are compatible with their existing infrastructure.

But what if you can leverage on your prevailing applications to address as many business challenges as possible? How you would welcome an architecture solution that offers reusability, adaptability, flexibility and agility – all together?

Krawler Service Oriented Architecture provides answers to all the above apprehensions and many more!! Let us first briefly visit the evolution of Enterprise Information Architecture, before moving further.

The evolution of the enterprise information architecture
The evolution of the enterprise information architecture

In a SOA framework, the concept of an ‘application’ is replaced by ‘service’. A Service is a basic component of the SOA framework that performs a defined task. For example, if the task to be performed is inventory checking, then the concerned service is Inventory Service.

Each service is separated from the business logic and the underlying application or technology.

For example, an Accounting application is generally tied with an ERP system. If SCM solution wants to use it, it will be difficult. In SOA, the accounting application is viewed as an ‘accounting service’ wherein the accounting logic and supporting technology is separated from the platform. Having said that accounting service can be used anytime, anywhere within the SOA based enterprise framework.

Krawler SOA is an open standards based framework that enables service consumers and service producers to seamlessly interact with each other without worrying about the underlying technology, application or platform.

Krawler SOA Offerings

What the Business gains:

Loose Coupling

Efficient interaction between services and applications for meeting business requirements

Standards Based

Minimal investment in time and resource while integrating or deploying new IT application or system


Optimum usage of IT resources for minimizing operational cost


Uninterrupted business delivery that results in enhanced customer satisfaction


Effective expansion of local or global business operations

Krawler SOA=Loose Coupling+Standards Based+Reusability+Reliablity+Scalability=Business Agility

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