Regarding Recent Changes in Malaysia GST

Helping Deskera users in Malaysia with GST rule changes announced in May 2018

As you may be aware that all GST rates in Malaysia have been changed to 0% from Jun 1, 2018 until further notice. Official notification from Ministry of Finance can be accessed here:

Ministry of Finance has also announced that Sales and Services Tax (SST) will be re-introduced in due course (

Moving to new Malaysia GST Regime with Deskera

We at Deskera, are taking measures to help customers during this transition. The following changes in GST module for Malaysia in Deskera ERP will become available as of Jun 1, 2018:
  1. For every 6% GST tax (XX), there will be another tax with 0% (XX@0%), e.g.
    1. GST(TX) will remain at 6%, while GST(TX)@0% will be at 0%.
    2. Both taxes – GST(TX) and GST(TX)@0% will be tagged to “TX” tax code for correct classification box in GST return
  2. May and earlier invoices should continue to be tagged at 6% (XX). June and onward invoices should be tagged to 0% tax (XX@0%)
  3. All 6% taxes will be deactivated on Aug 1, 2018, as monthly GST submission for May 2018 will be completed by Jun 2018 and quarterly GST submission for this quarter will be completed by Jul 2018.
  4. Once SST is re-introduced, we will provide suitable module in Deskera.
Those customers who also subscribe to other Deskera applications like Deskera eClaims should sync tax codes from Deskera ERP.
Please feel free to get in touch with Deskera support so that we can make the transition more effective and smooth.

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