Manage Expenses better by Planning and Approving Trip Budgets

Deskera eClaims lets you plan your trips before you incur the expenses. Before letting your sales personnel embark on a sales trip, you can have them plan out their expenses by applying for the trip.

Here’s how they can apply for a new trip:

Click on the “New Trip Application” link under Trips. This lets you apply for and create Trips under which you can file expense claims.

Now a new tab opens for the new Trip:

Here the applicant can specify the trip details like destination, dates, expected expenses by types and also confirm to the stipulated check-list for adhering to expense policies in your company. All this helps you control expenses incurred in sales trips.

The system will also check later if the claimed expenses fall within the approved budgets. Also you can view reports on expenses incurred by Trips!

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