Import projects from Basecamp to Deskera

by | Feb 11, 2009

Why Basecamp?

Basecamp is one of the most popular light-weight project management tools, and with good reason. But many enterprise users are looking for more powerful project planning and collaboration tools.

As a result, we’ve seen plenty of users who’ve migrated from Microsoft Project and Basecamp to Deskera, looking for a complete solution that meets both their needs of project planning and collaboration.

Deskera already supports import and export of project plans from Microsoft Project. Looking at the sheer number of Basecamp users who wish to migrate to Deskera, we thought it was time to roll out an ‘Import from Basecamp’ feature.

How do you import project data from Basecamp?
Of course, you get to choose which information from Basecamp you wish to import into Deskera. You can not only choose the projects, but also the milestones, to-dos and discussion posts to be imported. You can also map your team members’ information from Basecamp to your Deskera team, or choose to invite them over to Deskera.

We wish we could bring in your documents as well, but sadly, Basecamp does not support this. As of now, Basecamp does not support importing of project information from any other tool either.

For more details on ‘How to import projects from Basecamp’ you can head over to our support forum. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

What’s with all the goodwill?
Although Deskera aims to be the single project management software for all your needs, we realize the importance of enabling users to leverage their existing tools such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc. Other Deskera features reflect that as well:
Plus we know that the real way to lock in customers is to give them the keys. 😉

Ready to migrate from Basecamp? Sign Up to manage your projects the way you really want to.

P.S. Also, let us know if there’s any other tool you wish to migrate project data from. We’ll do it.

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