How SATS-Creuers simplified their cruise operations with automation


The cruise line business has shown a positive trajectory over the years. This unique section of the travel industry offers the best business opportunities today. Singapore based SATS-Creuers cruise services is one of the leaders in this segment. It brings world-class cruise terminal facilities to delight its customers across Asia. SATS-Creuers Cruise Services Pte Ltd. is a joint venture between SATS Ltd. (SATS) and Creuers del Port de Barcelona S.A. (Creuers). Known for its warm hospitality and operational efficiency, this market leader offers extensive cruise related services – leveraging on the combined experience in the aviation gateway and cruise terminal operations.

Challenges of a cruise operation

With their growing business, SATS-Creuers wanted to simplify their complex operations. At the same time, they were keen on enhancing their productivity and efficiency. Since cruise operations deal with large volumes of data, automation is a must. With the legacy accounting system all financial transactions had to be recorded manually. Invoices too, were manually sent to department heads for approval. Significant man-hours were spent on accurately tracking Accounts Receivable and Payable. Due to lack of automation, multiple discrepancies were observed. Managing period-end closings grew laborious and exhausting. The same was true for billing process. They were unable to handle multiple customer billing and automatic invoicing.

Since shipping operation is all about providing quality services, SATS-Creuers wanted a flexible pricing mechanism. They were keen on customizing operational pricing based on the type, size and duration of ship anchorage. Each department was working in silo without a centralized database. These departments could not communicate with each other. Budgeting proved to be another area of concern. Accurate revenue generation forecasting for each business account was not available.

How the right solution changed the course of SATS-Creuers’ business

After an extensive study, SATS-Creuers deemed Deskera a close fit for its accounting requirements. Deskera experts carefully assessed SATS-Creuers’ operations and comprehended that the single answer to all of SATS-Creuers’ concerns was – automation.

Deskera suggested its cloud-based integrated ERP solution to overcome these challenges. Both the organizations joined hands to write a success story. The entire process of recording and tracking of financial transactions, right from invoices and receipts, to orders and payments, was automated. The solution allowed quick and easy entry for sales orders, purchase orders, delivery orders, goods receipts and more. It streamlined and automated the entire procure to pay process by setting up a robust approval workflow. Additionally, it provided a single integrated view of all business accounts via an interactive Chart of Accounts. A flexible billing mechanism was set into place that made available multiple pricing models and slabs, based on variable and dynamic product line. A fully compliant accounting system with IRAS guidelines, Deskera facilitated automated generation of GST report and IAF (Internal Audit File). The intuitive reporting tool provided detailed reports to forecast and gain more insight into SATS-Creuers’ revenue generation figures. It also offered forecasting and budgeting for monthly and annual entries. With Deskera mobile apps, SATS-Creuers officials could now not only have easily customizable ‘report views’ but transactional facilities as well.

And the growth saga continues

Post implementation of Deskera product, there were visible improvement in SATS-Creuers’ account management process. Due to the deployment of Deskera ERP there were significant reduction in errors and no time wastage. The overall productivity of the organization increased. All thanks to automation. SATS-Creuers officials could access status of different business tasks in real time. An overall 25% productivity increase was noticed in SATS-Creuers’ business operations.

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