Efficient assessment of Employee Performance with Deskera HRMS Timesheet Management

by | Sep 26, 2010

With Deskera HRMS Timesheet Management, recording of employee tasks on a time-line becomes much simpler, faster and accurate. It enables you to easily monitor and assess employee performance by tracking the amount of time spent by an employee for a task.

The system monitors and generates timesheets for each employee which includes a start and end time for each task. Deskera Timesheet is effective Time Tracking software which tracks regular working hours and payroll, as well as overtime and off-times payments. Users can obtain a detailed breakdown of tasks as well as the cost incurred for each task. Employee payroll, both for in-house personnel as well as employees posted on client locations, can be generated on the fly.

Let’s take a Quick Tour

Step # 1: Fill in the details of your tasks and the duration for which you have worked on those tasks under “My Timesheet”.

Step # 2: View the hours spent by an employee on the tasks done by him/her for a specific period of time.

Step # 3: The approving officer or concerned manager approves the timesheet if the official work hours match with employee work hours.

Step # 4: Export the reports in convenient formats (CSV or PDF) and also generate charts for clear understanding.

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