Deskera eLeave

by | Nov 1, 2009

Deskera eLeave is a tool designed to manage employee attendance. While this is not necessarily a major issue in a small company, keeping track of who’s at work and who needs time off can quickly start to take up too much of a manager’s day. eLeave takes up a lot of the slack, and allows your company to be a lot more efficient, with managers being freed up to deal with issues that really matter.

Every staff member uses a separate account to log into Deskera eLeave, and sees the information relevant to him. Frontline employees will see their reserve of leave time, categorized by type, as well as a calendar of upcoming scheduled absences. Managers with approval authority will have an expanded set of tools – not just forms to request time off, but ways to authorize or reject applications from their subordinates. A full audit trail and reporting facilities are also there – all to make your life easier.

With Deskera eLeave, you have a functional, affordable and simple way to

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