Deskera eLeave – September Release

by | Sep 23, 2011

Deskera eLeave Manager got an uplift with the latest September release. With the introduction of the new features, the best leave and attendance management system just got better.

Let us take a quick look at the new enhancements:

  • Admins now have the option to add annual holidays specific to a year. Say for example during general elections, or the soccer world cup final. These holidays would not be available in other years unless they are categorized accordingly
  • A new role for HR, with greater access rights, has been added to the system. HR can now access more exhaustive reports and get the complete picture behind employee leave behavior
  • Employees now have the option to apply for leaves in multiples of half day. So if someone wants a leave for one and a half day, they can select the appropriate drop-down option and get it

In addition, soon a new UI would be added for administrators to provide restricted access to certain users based on requirement. This would provide greater flexibility than the simpler role based structure.

Please visit Deskera eLeave to know more.

You could sign up for a free demo of the application at Deskera as well.

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