Deskera eClaims – August Release

Deskera eClaims went live a few months ago. Our team has been working tirelessly on enhancing the product and we are glad to announce the latest release update. These enhancements and changes are based on your feedback and our research and will make your claims process better, easier, faster.

New Features in Deskera eClaims:

  • Enhanced search functionality
  • More intuitive and informative messages when there is no data to display
  • More intuitive “Generate Report” button provided in the system, making it easier and faster to run reports
  • There is a default currency (USD) now, so that you are not forced to configure, but if you want you can change it anytime

In addition to the above enhancements, 10+ bugs have been fixed in the August release.

Let us know your feedback on the changes. To know more, visit us at Deskera.

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