Customize Deskera CRM: Flexible Column Management to capture specific details

by | Oct 6, 2010

Deskera CRM gives you the flexibility to manage columns in an intuitive spreadsheet interface to capture specific details related to Campaigns, Leads, Accounts, Cases and more. Manage the columns in Deskera CRM modules by –

  • Customizing Header
  • Adding and deleting a custom column
  • Adding custom formulae to the custom columns

‘Customize Header’ feature enables you to change the headers in your Campaigns, Leads, Cases, Opportunities and Accounts in the spreadsheet. You can easily change the names of header(s) and set them as mandatory or non-mandatory.

Learn about adding a new custom column in our blog post – Customize Deskera CRM: Capture the details you need.

Add custom formulae to the custom columns and make your calculations an easy task.

Apply formula by selecting the numeric columns from the dropdown in the pop up window and specifying an operator for the action which you want to perform.

Also, watch our interactive video on “Manage Columns”.

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