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A major challenge that any organization faces is integration of the various collaboration tools (instant messenger, chat, email etc.) with the various enterprise applications (crm, project management, HRMS etc.). A side-effect of fast growth is often reliance on disjointed systems that do not talk to each other. Research shows that this becomes a problem once an organization reaches a critical size (usually >50). Collaboration and communication are the two things that take a major hit with growth if integrated collaboration tools are not available to the workforce. With the new enhancements to Deskera Apps in the February release though, these issues would cease to exist. The collaboration tools that are now going to be a part of standard Deskera offering would ensure that IT managers no longer have to worry about integration between collaboration and enterprise tools. Deskera has integrated collaboration tools with enterprise applications in a web based environment to bring to you a most robust enterprise solution. Let us take a look at the new enhancements then, shall we:

  • Instant Messenger with one click access
  • Wall interface to share, communicate and discuss
  • Groups to control communication
  • Calendar
  • Personalize your profile page
  • Easy access to enterprise and collaboration solutions from one interface

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