Case Management in CRM

Case Sep 09, 2009

In simple terms, Case refers to a detailed description of customer’s query or problem. Case Management aims to handle cases in the most optimized and standardized manner.

In today’s complex business environment, customer acquisition and retention plays a critical role in generating and maintaining competitive advantage. In this context, Case Management goes a long way in achieving customer’s loyalty that results in higher customer retention. Case Management lays emphasis on attending to customer’s problem or query – mainly after product or service delivery. Through Case Management, stakeholders can effectively track, manage and resolve all customer issues. It provides a comprehensive view of case information through a single point of contact.

Krawler CRM, part of its Deskera Enterprise Application suite, offers a complete Case Management solution. The Case Management functionality in Krawler CRM allows customer service teams to capture all the relevant details about each case such as case name, subject, contact name, product name, type, priority and status, among others. When a case is being registered, various related activities are initiated. These activities are recorded systematically in the Krawler CRM. The Escalation functionality enables stakeholders to escalate (move forward) the case to the next appropriate level whenever the issue is not resolved at their level. The Case Reporting functionality presents status (New case, Pending, Escalated) of case in a highly intuitive graphical manner.

Case Escalation Process

Major Benefits of Case Management:
•High customer satisfaction due to effective handling of customer’s query and problems
•Quick resolving of cases due to centralized availability of case information
•Reduce waiting time for processing the case due to Case Escalation functionality

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