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Run your marketing campaigns better with Deskera CRM

How do you feel when you are bombarded with irrelevant promotional messages on your mobile phones or your emails? Isn’t it annoying to see your inbox flooded with the messages that are completely irrelevant to you. Today, every organization is into the...

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4 best practices for successful zero-based budgeting

Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is a simple concept that has been around since the 1970s. Fundamentally, it proposes that instead of relying on historic spending data to forecast budgets, start at zero and build budgets solely based on costs with a justified...

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2017 Industrial Manufacturing Trends

Productivity gains are paramount in a slow-growth environment and that could be a boon for industrial manufacturers. They must adapt to changing demands and serve their customers by designing tools that improve the efficiency and performance of factories...

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Convergence of HR and Finance: A Better Operating Model

The greatest asset of any company is its people and they drive the success and growth of organization to a larger extent. Workforce’s value is more worthy and heavier than any physical asset. Nowadays, the organization expects the finance department to...

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What do manufacturers look for in an ERP software?

The process of selecting the right manufacturing ERP solution to fit your business can feel like just as intimidating a challenge. While it’s always beneficial to have multiple options to choose from, it’s often overwhelming to examine through them all -...

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