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Who’s accountable for training? The CFO, not HR!

Education is crucial In fact sometimes I’m not sure we – or the children who are fortunate enough to be going to a school, realise just how important it is! I was completely moved by a picture I saw (which quickly went viral on the web not so long ago) of a...
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5 Reasons why SMEs need to be on Linkedin

You’ve probably heard that your business needs to leverage the power of social media, but there are so many platforms, and it all takes time. As an SME, you want to know that social media is going to give you tangible value, and that’s just what LinkedIn does....
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How to Motivate Your Employees: 21 Leaders Share

How to motivate your employees? One of the biggest productivity struggles for any business is motivating employees. What can you do as an entrepreneur, manager, or leader to maximize your team’s performance? If you create an “anything goes” environment, your...
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Defining Payment Terms – SME Accounting

Understanding payment terms Defining payment terms is critical for resource constrained businesses. For Asian countries like Singapore, where Small Business Enterprises or SMEs are growing in abundance, closing a sale for their product is not the end. Though closing a...
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Tips for better accounts payable management

Tips for better accounts payable management. When times are a little tough, companies often defer payment of accounts. It makes sense. You need sufficient cash flow to stay afloat. Smart management of your Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) is...
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Strategies to get paid faster

A common challenge that all businesses face, be it a conglomerate or a small organization, is a delayed payment from a few of its customers. In spite of sharing invoices on time, there is no guarantee of receiving the payment as per the schedule, which will impact...
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The top 7 HR processes you should automate

You probably chose a career in HR because you like working with people, helping them to work together to achieve organizational goals. But instead, you find that you spend an awful lot of time working with paper instead. All the routine admin may be getting you down,...
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Gig economy – Will it reshape SMEs?

Over the last decade there has been a global surge in the number of people leaving full-time employment to join the ranks of the self-employed freelancers creating a new gig economy. And this group isn’t made up exclusively of stay-at-home parents or college students...
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SME Business Productivity

By 2020, the Singapore workforce will start to shrink. The number of Singapore citizens and permanent residents of working age will begin to decline. This poses a big problem for local companies who rely on this quality workforce. It’s the big SME business...
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Human resource manager job description

Drafting job descriptions for staff members is part of the human resource manager’s job – but just what should a human resource manager job description look like? You already know how important your key deliverables are to the success of your organization, and you...
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