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Project Management and CRM software: The SME guide

Project Management and CRM software For SMEs, every opportunity to carry forward business operations, however small it might be, is a stepping stone towards entrepreneurial success.  As a small business owner, it is imperative to have clear hold and control over your...
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Software for Employee Management

Software for employee management and what you should know about it. Employee management is one of the most important jobs managers do in an organization. It is imperative for organizations to learn how to locate, spot and hire a superior workforce. Proper employee...
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Payment Terms – Top SME Tips

It is often said that the customer is the king. However, if applied to SMEs, the truth remains that it’s the cash flow that wears the crown. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting to get paid for the money we’re owed and often SMEs face the brunt of the deal....
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SMART Management – Goal Setting

SMART Management – Is it time to change employee goal setting? When it comes evaluating employee performance, SMART goals are often implemented to track and assess workforce productivity. SMART goals aim to assign a more comprehensive definition to goal setting: S –...
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SME Customer Service

SME customer service, It’s your competitive advantage. Customers are no longer buying a product, they are buying an experience. Customer service is the support you offer to your customer before, during and after they buy a product. The question is whether your...
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What is Leave Management? – Employee Leave

What is leave management? Leave management is one of the simplest yet crucial HR activities that often consumes a significant portion of the HR team’s time. HR personnel have to ensure compliance with leave policies, guarantee the availability of sufficient staff at...
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Accounting software: 5 ways to keep your data clean

Accounting software: 5 ways to keep your data clean. In the broadest sense of the term, data integrity refers to the accuracy of data stored in a database or a data warehouse. It refers to the maintenance of accuracy and consistency of data over its entire lifecycle...
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Tired of long ERP implementation and customization?

Tired of long ERP implementation and customization? Traditional ERP systems designed for large enterprises require costly IT consulting services and is usually customized to meet unique process requirements. Because of this, the implementation is often costly and...
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Get your payroll right, in less time

Get your payroll right, in less time. A few years back, it was a common way to disburse salaries via cash or cheques. However, transformations in accounting technology is changing the way businesses manage their employee payment processes. Deskera Payroll Management...
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New Deskera e-Leave mobile app

Deskera release new e-leave mobile app. Although the app revolution started only a few years back, it has taken the product and services market by storm and shows no visible signs of stopping. With an upsurge in the adoption of smartphones and tablets, companies are...
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Employee Engagement: a Losing Battle?

The words “Employee Engagement” are often used, but the term is not always fully understood. A review of literature produces a deceptively simple employee engagement definition: “Emotional and intellectual commitment to the organization.” But how does one build this...
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Redesigning the employee experience

Redesigning the employee experience Customer satisfaction is rapidly being contested by employee satisfaction especially in the SME sector. According to an article by Xinhua: The Singapore SME market employs 56% of the workforce and contributes 42% of the Gross...
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