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Why should anyone deal with you?

(How to construct a brand promise…) Even if a prospective customer doesn’t ask you the above question outright, that’s what they’re thinking! It’s natural for us to behave this way. We want to get value and don’t want to feel foolish if we’ve bought something that...
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Accelerating Performance

Whatever the size of your company I’d make a pretty safe bet that you are busy. That ‘busy-ness’ could take a number of forms such as working on direct deliverables, projects, planning and strategizing, research and others. Whatever is occupying your time, I’ll make...
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How to Choose a CRM that Scales with Business Growth

With a $23 billion-dollar software market and enough vendors to form a small country, choosing a CRM is already hard enough. Add the pressures and restraints of running a small business, and you’ve got a recipe for confusion. The best CRM software for a small business...
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