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Cloud Adoption and Challenges in Asia-Pacific

Cloud Adoption and Challenges in Asia-Pacific Are you afraid to adopt cloud in your everyday life? If so then from changing your Facebook status to paying a bill through your banking app, you are using cloud computing without even knowing it. Cloud adoption is a...

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How safe is your ERP?

How safe is your ERP? A few years ago, one of the major concerns with ERP was security. In a competitive ERP market, few suppliers may rush to provide more features to secure business, leaving security as an afterthought. Van de Riet, Janssen, and Gruijter (1998)...

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Cloud Market in 2016

Cloud Market in 2016 The cloud market is bustling with activities and transforming the IT landscape more rapidly than ever. The adoption of cloud computing by organizations is broadly driven by significant improvement in resource utilization and increase in staff...

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Top 10 IoT Trends

 Top 10 IoT Trends The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical devices, computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people who are provided with unique identifiers and have access to network connectivity that allows these devices...

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Save Thousands with Tax Automation Software

Save Thousands with Tax Automation Software How many times do you look up a sales tax rate and before applying it to an invoice? If you are selling products to customers in different locations, you’ve probably spent a reasonable amount of time looking up taxes. This...

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Integrated CRM and Accounting Software

Companies planning to streamline their business activities and boost productivity, should consider integrating their accounting software and customer relationship management (CRM) software systems. Doing so will help them remove silos in fragmented system, gain 360...

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Customer Management: SME tips

Customer Management: SME tips Understanding Customer Management Organizations increasingly focus on adopting customer-centric strategies to understand the need of customers and build a sustainable customer base to grow in the market. Managing customers has become a...

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Trends in ERP software

Trends in ERP software An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is all about managing your organization’s resources in the most effective way possible. Organizations of all sizes – SMEs, expanding businesses, large companies– can all benefit from the...

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Social Media – A new destination for lead generation

Social Media – A new destination for lead generation Earlier methods of lead generation consisted of sending surveys via email or filling out a form at the back of a magazine. But the internet has completely changed the way businesses acquire leads. Today, it’s all...

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Mobile Invoicing – The new trend

Mobile Invoicing – The new trend Over the past decade, mobile business solutions have increasingly transformed the communication between owners and clients. The use of devices such as smartphones and tablets has significantly changed the way businesses are done in an...

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Project Management and CRM software: The SME guide

Project Management and CRM software For SMEs, every opportunity to carry forward business operations, however small it might be, is a stepping stone towards entrepreneurial success.  As a small business owner, it is imperative to have clear hold and control over your...

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