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Why should anyone deal with you?

(How to construct a brand promise…) Even if a prospective customer doesn’t ask you the above question outright, that’s what they’re thinking! It’s natural for us to behave this way. We want to get value and don’t want to feel foolish if we’ve bought something that...
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How SMEs can reap the benefit of automation

Often it’s tempting to think that only larger companies and organisations can really benefit from the automation of processes. This is far from being the case. As technology becomes more and more an integral part of everything we do, SMEs can reap great benefits from...
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Christmas Giveaway Contest – Winner Announcement

Over the last few months we have gotten more Deskera branded busses on the road in Singapore and we have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients, partners and friends. To celebrate the Christmas month, we invited you all to catch a selfie with the Deskera...
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How important is compliance in project management?

Project management is a pretty vague term used to classify almost anything and everything that has to do with executing a progressive set of tasks intended to accomplish a specific goal. From an on-the-ground supervisor to a top-level executive, it carries different...
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How ERP Software Solves Multicurrency Issues

Saving on multi-bank charges, and the convenience of getting paid in one currency while paying suppliers in another. These may describe some of the well known benefits associated with having a multicurrency account (MA). But do you know dealing in multiple currencies...
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Get practical with data integration

It’s easy to get excited whenever we hear about the possibilities of new enterprise solutions. Great pitches, great specifications and a great vision of a pioneering corporation on the cusp of taking that technological leap. Let’s face it. We’re constantly sold on the...
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Accelerating Performance

Whatever the size of your company I’d make a pretty safe bet that you are busy. That ‘busy-ness’ could take a number of forms such as working on direct deliverables, projects, planning and strategizing, research and others. Whatever is occupying your time, I’ll make...
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5 Reasons Why HR Executives Will Love Going Paperless

Contrary to popular belief, the pains of human resource (HR) may not always be rooted in complex mind-boggling issues. In fact, they tend to stem from an accumulation of mundane yet important tasks that surface on a day-to-day basis, leaving HR executives overloaded...
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How to Choose a CRM that Scales with Business Growth

With a $23 billion-dollar software market and enough vendors to form a small country, choosing a CRM is already hard enough. Add the pressures and restraints of running a small business, and you’ve got a recipe for confusion. The best CRM software for a small business...
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Meeting the challenge of a multi-site workforce

The world we work in today is very different from the one of previous generations. The number of business and organisations that have a workforce that is not located on one site has vastly increased. This includes the wide ranging existence of remote employees. In...
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